I’m on Patreon

Launching the beta of my website, meant to be a one-stop storybook cottage for everything related to my storytelling. This bird was laid many moons ago, and is finally starting to hatch. I’m teaching myself many things as I go, and will tweak as time goes on. Just don’t be surprised if things look a bit different each time you visit!

I’ve also recently been getting a lot of emails about paid collaborations with online stores or being someone’s brand ambassador. Deep down, that feels like fancy speak for being half-paid to say I now feel cooler with the latest whatever. I didn’t want that. I also need to make a living. The money is sometimes very tempting, but I wrote myself a note when I first started this storytelling journey. Luckily I remembered to read it. I’d promised myself that I’ll only accept offers from organizations or people with an idea my heart draws me to, and warned myself of “chances” that will make me doubt if it’s worth letting go of and foolishly sticking with said heart.

Only one of the companies that reached out to me happened to have an idea I believed in, and their merchandise was a way to raise money for their non-profit. Those are okay. I’ve nothing against sponsors or paid influencers either. I might take up a good offer myself. I just wanted to see if there was another way that felt more true to me and how I think.

That’s when I found out about @Patreon. I’m pleased to announce I finally calmed my anxiety enough to set my page up at patreon.com/actorsnehi (First link in my website’s menu).

Will this work? No idea. What I do know is I want to give this an honest shot, since it will let me continue my art full-time, keep the lights on, and not let corporations bend the stories I wanted to tell. I might tweak things as I go, and I probably will mess up at some point. Do I know this? Yes. Is this terrifying? Yep. Am I still gonna try? You betcha.

I humbly ask that you only contribute if you find my stories to be heartfelt and genuinely of value. I do try my best to make sure they are 🙂

Thank you for all your love, fam ❤️ Much love 🤗